Laugh in the Sleeve 1975

TONG Pak-Fu, CHUK Chi-Sang, MAN Ching-Ming and CHOW Man-Bun were the four famous learned-men in classical Mid-China. They were on good terms. Once, they picniced and visited the monkish home in Fu-Yau Mounts. While there they encounter the Lady of WAH Prime Minister in a sedan followed by a train of servants and maids. One of the maids named CHAU Heung was very attractive. Pak-Fu was attracted by CHAU Heung and tried every opportunity to get near her, and caused a lot of laughter. HE even followed CHAU Heung to Han-Chow. The Prime Minister needs a library mate urgently. Pak-Fu takes this opportunity to apply for it and was accepted. He tried to date CHAU Heung when she brings snacks to the library one day. She rebuked him for giving up his future prospects. The three friends of Pak-Fu discover that Pak-Fu had disappeared. They soon find out his whereabout. With the help of the 2nd daughter-in-law of the Prime Minister, a cousin of Pak-Fu...... the two lovers eventually get married.

Not Dead Yet 1983

A fast-paced documentary about a second generation of punk rockers living in Toronto. It offers insight into this segment of culture by videotaping in the streets, bars, and homes of punks. Conversations are intercut with the music of the punk bands at the core of the scene.

Music with Roots in the Aether: Opera for Television by Robert Ashley 1974

In 1975 the composer Robert Ashley embarked on an ambitious work titled Music With Roots in the Aether. He called it an Opera (or piece of theater depending on the case) for television. The work is comprised of seven, two hours sections. Each “episode” is dedicated to investigations, interviews, and performances of his one of his peers – David Behrman, Philip Glass, Alvin Lucier, Gordon Mumma, Pauline Oliveros, and Terry Riley respectively, with the final reserved for himself.

Youjo Melon 1987

In the ruined house, a member of the rock band breaks a seal to shut Melon the witch. And then Melon murders the members of the band one after another.

Illogically Sane

Four friends work on film production in the method that has never been done before. But when they all have different goals, how could the film be made? Gila Jiwa crosses diverse genres of horror, action, comedy, and musical.

The Chase

The Chase follows the lives of a group of teenagers growing up in inner-city Nottingham. Shot on location and based on the real life experiences of young people living in Nottingham's inner-city community, The Chase explores the relationships, pressures, pain, violence, love, passion and creativity that combine to form the realities of their everyday lives. Predominantly starring and scripted by Nottingham's inner-city youth, The Chase features some of the cities rawest talent and a home grown Notts soundtrack. Whilst capturing the bleak reality of their day to day lives, The Chase is also a celebration of the humor, resilience, courage and creativity of the young people of inner-city Nottingham.

Quién te cantará

The film tells the story of Lila, a famous retired singer who, after suffering an accident, loses her memory just as she planned her return to the stage.

Thelonious Monk - American Composer 1991

Through a more personal and conversational style of documentary, Thelonious Monk – American Composer was the first fully rounded portrait of this terribly misunderstood man and musician. He was the pianistic ringleader of the bebop revolution and, after Duke Ellington, jazz' first major composer. Thelonious Sphere Monk – a most original talent – remained a highly productive musician after more than thirty years of musical activity and continued to be a growing artist, exploring his art and extending his range.

Transit to Berlin 1983

A short music video with the music of the band Mama Woju with the singer Markus Flaschenträger. The idea of the song and the video is a take off on the situation of a hitchhiker. In this song, the hitchhiker give a businessman a ride to Berlin. The special situation is that at this time you had to cross the DDR to go to Berlin so it was a very dangerous thing to take a hitchhiker on this road.

Mission of Burma Live at the Bradford 1994

In 1983, now legendary post-punk icons Mission of Burma performed two highly regarded farewell shows at the Bradford Hotel in Boston. At the very peak of their power, the band was calling it quits due to guitarist Roger Miller's worsening tinnitus (ringing in the ears), no doubt brought on by their pummeling live performances. Those who were there recall a highly emotional evening: the band and audience were deeply connected through the enormity of what was about to be lost, which inspired Burma to rip through their sets with a passion that was both brutal and bittersweet.


Sanju Surendran composes a dreamlike and abstract portrait, focusing on the sensorial universe of a hyper-contemporary vestal committed to three thousand-year-old practice.

Knocking On Heaven's Door

The seemingly perfect marriage between Moses and gospel singer Debbie starts showing visible cracks as a dark secret from Moses' past surfaces.

CAN :The Free Concert 1972

The experimental German krautrockers CAN's legendary "Free Concert," recorded in Cologne's Sporthalle, Germany, on February 3, 1972. The circumstances of this Cologne show were unusual. Rather improbably for such an experimental band, Can actually scored a chart success in Germany with "Spoon," which would later be tacked onto the end of Ege Bamyasi.

Fussballspiele 1976

An attractive montage of a vivid and often tense highlights from the soccer field ... Headers, fouls, dribbling, runs, goalmouth dramas are juxtaposed, slowed down, repeated and at the same time embellished acoustically in such an apt and lively manner by the music of the leading German jazz and rock guitarist Volker Kriegel, that even the viewer spoilt by live soccer will enjoy seeing it. The artistes of the bid ball become leading dancers at the penalty mark. Slow motion, animation, modification or restriction of color further lend emphasis to the close interaction with the musical movements, achieving a positive unity, regardless weather attention is focussed on the goalkeeper, on team play, on vigorous tackling or on goalmouth excitement, which are all synchronized in sequence form with the musical sections. The film contains extracts from 13 first division soccer games in Germany. –Joachim Kreck